Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 22:00, sala Pola
17.06 Saturday 15:00, sala Zbyszek

A Mes Amours

France 2022, 87’

Polyamory is the main theme of this graceful comedy that combines everything that French feminist postporn cinema has to offer: an engaging plot, situational humour and a carefully selected cast. Although the centrepiece of history is the visit of an American sociologist examining sexual norms in heterosexual monogamous relationships in the summer home of a French couple, A Mes Amours” is also an immersive mirror of contemporary times and the middle class supposedly open and progressive, but in fact still rooted in the 20th century and the privileges of a patriarchal society. It is worth seeing what Anoushka the rising star of the new French femporn wave has to offer, even if it appears almost mainstream. But perhaps this is actually a sign of the coming changes: the point is not only how narratives are told, but also what they are about. So if you want to delve into the hot climate of southern France and have a little laugh this film is for you!

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