Jezyki PL

14.06 Wednesday 17:00, sala Gerard
17.06 Saturday 14:30, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 12:30, sala Zbyszek


The fun” category is a great festival warm-up for all those who, for obvious reasons, might feel a little afraid or ashamed. Youll see that it is possible to talk about sexuality in a fun and breezy way, free of cultural hang-ups and embarrassment. Youll laugh while watching, among others, the trailers of unreleased XXX films in UnCommingSoon(Werther Germondari), cheer on the bittersweet rebellion of sex toys in Sex Toy Story(Emma Noelle Cunt) and let yourself be seduced by the gender mis (adventures) of the protagonist of Bi the way” (Amir Steklov). In Behind the door(Natalia Sara Skorupa), laughter might lead to more serious reflection, but as soon as we realise that there is nothing to be afraid of well, well start laughing.

Sex Toy Story

Emma Noelle Cunt

Germany 2022, 16′

Behind the door

Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2022, 6’

The Joy of Biting

Nina Hoffmann
Germany 2022, 2’

The Proof is in the Pudding


France 2022, 16′

The Cannoli Brothers

Ethan Folk and Ty Wardwell

Germany 2023, 2’

Glory Hoe

Frida Retz

Denmark 2023, 17′


Werther Germondari

Italy 2021, 11′

Bi the way

Amir Steklov

Germany 2022, 16’

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