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14.06 Wednesday 19:30, sala Gerard
16.06 Friday 00:00, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 15:00, sala Ingrid

The Body I Live In – Boundaries

What is our body, and how do we perceive it? Who sets the boundaries of our corporeality, and who controls them? What are the cultural canons of corporeality, and why do most of us have the right to and can question them? In this section, we will see, among others films interrogating the boundaries of what is inside and outside the body (ANALysis”, Cieplechovic), films that will help us accept the body as it is and radically enjoy it (My self-love, Marta Hammer), as well as films dealing with the community of bodies and their empathy, also in the context of politics (EstrellarSe, Amadalia Liberte). This selection will help us to critically examine the issues of biopolitics, but also provide us with the tools to affirm and rejoice in who and what we are.


Amadalia Liberté
Chile 2022, 13′

Fuhk house

Uruguay 2020, 8′


Collectif Post-plottes
Canada 2022, 3’

My Self Love

Marta Młot
Poland 2023, 13′


Lee Campbell
UK 2023, 2′

Gods of the Supermarket

Alberto Gonzalez Morales
Switzerland 2022, 8′


Poland 2023, 10′

Melting Point

Mindy Stricke
Canada 2022, 5′


Barbara Stańko-Jurczyńska
Poland 2023, 3’


Dominika Sochacka
Poland 2023, 3′


Monika Mamzeta
Poland 2023, 5′

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