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14.06 Wednesday 20:00, sala Ingrid
17.06 Saturday 00:00, sala Pola
18:00 Sunday 19:30, sala Pola

Do It Yourself

Self-eroticism is an intrinsic characteristic of sex-related strategies: our own bodies are what we know and explore as soon as we begin to realise that they are ours and that they are us. They can be treated religiously like in the feminist Nectar of the Sublime(Deike Schwarz), or experimentally – in Monstera Deliciosa(Charlie G Fennel). Other times, the practice of self-love can be extended to the contexts of sculpture and nature as in Thomas Outside, or played with clichés of the gay subculture “Showers” (Antonio Da Silva). In fact, the possibilities are endless, and although we live in a technological reality, nothing can replace our own, uninhibited imagination, as evidenced by the reflective Auto/Visual” (Menelas). Its also worth noting the new Polish artist on the postporn scene: Cybersuccubus. Her visual mini essays have the kind of subversive sensitivity you’ll love on the first sight.

Thomas Outside

Antonio Da Silva and Grundvold
Portugal 2021, 9′

Monstera Deliciosa

Charlie G Fennel
Italy 2021, 5’


Greece 2023, 9’


Iris Kaufman
Argentina 2022, 5′


Vasilis Viralas
Greece 2022, 13′


Poland 2023, 1′


Antonio da Silva
Portugal 2023, 15′

Oral Hygiene

Poland 2023, 2′

Nectar of the Sublime

Deike Schwarz
Germany 2022, 23’

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