Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday, sala Pola
17.06 Saturday, sala Gerard
18.06 Sunday 12:30, sala Ingrid

Drifting in between

Sexual identity is perhaps the most important component of our self-identification, who we are, and who we consider ourselves to be. Join us on a cruise between different identities, concepts, bodies, and genders. During the gentle and reflective drift, we will have the opportunity to learn more about the ritual of testosterone injections Nights in the Glitter UnDojo: KAy’s 119th Testo-shot(Ann Antidote) or follow quotes from Preciado in Hunchback(Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber). We can stop to admire Skraj” (Edmund Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski) – perhaps the most significant Polish film on trans culture so far, produced by the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków. Another interesting proposition, if perhaps surprising in this set, is New Kings on the Block(Erika Lust), which touches on the little popular thread of drag king culture and does it with a lot of grace. In today’s political reality, we recommend this set twofold: worth seeing, but also worth thinking about.

From Untamed Desire

Diego Argote
Chile 2022, 3′


Stefan-Manuel Eggenweber & Anna Neata & Stephan Langer
Austria 2022, 5′

Nights in the Glitter UnDojo: KAy's 119th Testo-shot

Ann Antidote
Germany 2023, 8′


Edmund Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski
Poland 2023, 18′


Leo Maki
Poland 2023, 8′

New Kings on the Block

Erika Lust
Spain 2022, 48’

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