Jezyki PL

14.06 Wednesday 19:30, sala Pola
17.06 Saturday 12:00, sala Gerard


This year’s selection of experimental shorts is a deliberate challenge for connoisseurs of postpornography, and the range of themes, the number of techniques, visual divergences, and subversive strategies appearing in the presented films is too broad for such a short description. Lets remember, however, that searching for a language that can describe sexuality is the most progressive challenge that should be approached with an accurate amount of attention and empathy. We invite you on a journey through the land of animation, dreams, unfulfilled fantasies and ideas, manifests and setbacks, pleasures and bizarre fetishes. These territories may be slimy and difficult to access, but definitely promise an archipelago of uncharted desires and unspoken delights. For your own safety, please fasten your seat belts and keep your eyes wide, it will certainly be one hell of a ride!

Home is not a harbour

Kaja Jałoza
Poland 2022, 4′

Kitten hair

Sofía Martinez & Domenica Pioli
Uruguay 2018, 3’


Gideon Horvath
Hungary 2022, 4′

Die Rose

Jan Soldat
Austria 2022, 2′


Greece 2023, 2′

Tedium in Eden

Massimo Clemente
Italy 2022, 5′

Devil’s Hole

Lee Campbell
UK 2022, 6′

Faces of Jupiter

Nora Aaron Scherer & Daniel Rajcsanyi
Austria 2022, 7′

W dobrych rękach

Kamil Kucharzewski & Weronika Kocewiak
Poland 2023, 4′


abcde Flash
Switzerland 2022, 15’

What Does Your Orgasm Look Like?

Emma Grima
Netherlands 2022, 6’

Who are you, Who am I?

Sura Hertzberg
USA 2023, 7’

Fuck Me

Emma Grima & Ben Maier
Netherland 2021, 3′

A Flor de Piel

Andor Polgar
Netherland 2022, 4′


Jaime Acker
UK 2019, 5’


Belgium 2022, 4′

Coming Out Autistic

Steven Fraser
UK 2022, 4′


Jana Górska & Mikołaj Drzymkowski
Poland 2022, 2’

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