Jezyki PL

16.06 Friday 20:00, sala Zbyszek
17.06 Saturday 00:15, sala Ingrid
18.06 Sunday 17:30, sala Ingrid

Female virtues

Desire and sexuality are becoming the tools with which we may dismantle the rotten patriarchal world. Its high time to remember emancipation and dignity, the right to self-determination and pleasure. Let’s not allow ourselves to be reduced to the medieval” patterns of femininity, the duty to fulfil the expectations of others, and the dictatorship of a gender regime that continually controls and programmes our behaviours, desires, and fantasies.

In this section of the festival you will see, among others, the revolutionary visual manifesto Cum as you are(Hanna Schaich), the sister-siren étude about support and care Offense against modesty(Valentina Ximena & Catalina Sofia), and the Polish premiere of the uncompromising Natural Pleasures” (Aga Szreder & Rafał Żwirek) about what it means to be a forty-something female-identifying person in a country like Poland. Lets not be afraid to talk about ourselves. There are infinitely many of us, and were coming for you.

Woman and sex

Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2022, 5’

Cum as You Are

Hanna Schaich
Germany 2022, 12′


Agnes Lumiere
Poland 2023, 2′

Pulled by Her

Anna Ivanova & LoFi Cherry
Germany 2022, 13′

Who is the predator now?

Poland 2023, 2′


Argentina 2023, 5′

Unleashing the Mind's Breath

Krystyna Julia Brodowska & Zofia Urbanek
Poland 2023, 5′

Offense against modesty

Valentina Ximena & Catalina Sofia
Chile 2021, 6′

Natural Pleasures

Aga Szreder & Rafał Żwirek
Poland 2023, 23’

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