Jezyki PL

13.06 Tuesday 20:30, sala Zbyszek
13.06 Tuesday 20:30, sala Ingrid
15.06 Thursday 17:30, sala Ingrid
17.06 Sunday 14:30, sala Gerard


Whether you are just beginning your PPFFW adventure or are already part of our post-porn utopia, “Foreplay” is a special set. You will find carefully selected films from other thematic sections, which should give you to get an idea of the abundance of artistic strategies and the wide range of narratives that can be seen during the festival. Foreplayis recommended for beginners and viewers who want to quickly get to know what themes we are discussing this year and choose something interesting for them. Of course, we hope that this selection will fire up your senses, raise your expectations and boost your intellectual curiosity, so that you can join the festival community without hesitation.

Hungarian Tango

Pina Brutal
Germany 2022, 12′

The Joy of Biting

Nina Hoffmann
Germany 2022, 2’

Nectar of the Sublime

Deike Schwarz
Germany 2022, 23′


Amadalia Liberté
Chile 2022, 13′


Viola V
North Macedonia 2023, 2′

Lost in Freedom

Ukrainę 2022, 8′

Plant Magic

Antonio Da Silva
Portugal 2021, 8′


Edmund Krempiński & Jakub Dylewski
Poland 2023, 18′

Hunting Witches

Aga Szreder & Rafał Żwirek
Poland 2020, 3’

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