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From fantasy to science fiction

Imagination has no limits. In this section, we explore alternative worlds of fictions built upon the foundations of the artistsdesires and utopian imaginations. Some are set in an unspecified future resembling the canon of SF for example, Input Error II(Iris Glitzer) or Celestial Bodies(Ryan Suits), others like the dazzling Extys” (Aron Smith & Arunà Canevascini) set out pioneering and avant-garde paths. Others still reinterpret the subject of fantasy and its fulfilment for example, the formally surprising Hungarian Tango(Pina Brutal). All films in this section depict a creative process playing out at the interface of fiction and reality, resulting in a new, fresh and surprising space in which anything can happen. You simply cannot pass on this set it offers everything we dream about, and yet are afraid to put into practice.

Le Portail des Plaisirs

David Vitry-Ferreira
France 2021, 5’

Celestial Bodies

Ryan Suits
USA 2021, 5′

Input Error II

Iris Glitzer
Germany 2022, 23’

Pastoral Fuck

Kinga Michalska & Jadis D
Canada 2017, 6′


Aron Smith
Argentina 2023, 14′

The Rise of the Pelvic Floor

Lo Fi Cherry
Germany 2017, 14′

Hungarian Tango

Pina Brutal
Germany 2022, 12′

Period Chaos 6XX

Noux Beetch & Nicky Lapierre
Belgium 2023, 7′

Confessions Nocturnes

David Vitry-Ferreira
France 2022, 5’

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