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In harmony with nature

Postpornography swiftly responds to the ever changing reality, reacting to new challenges and problems. The new understanding of the interspecies cooperationand the inevitable climate catastrophe has led us towards a deeper interaction with the surrounding world, allowing us to better understand the system of interspecies dependencies and connections. In this section, we present a selection of moving eco-stories centred on celebrating being in and with nature. Visually explosive and produced by the celebrated Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, Ekstasis(Daphne Klein) takes us on a hallucinatory journey through surrealistic extraurban landscapes. The deeply subversive and simultaneously disturbingly postanthropocentric Treshold(Ben Berlin) brings us closer to the innovative and rarely shown aesthetics of eco-sexual BDSM. Following this dose of thrills, the gentle Plant Magic” (Antonio Da Silva) will definitely soothe and calm us. Highly recommended!

All people belong to Mother Nature

Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2022, 3′

The Crow And The Goldcrest

Ann Antidote
Germany 2023, 5′

Take me in the Woods

Bande James Bond
Belgium 2021, 4’

Plant Magic

Antonio Da Silva
Portugal 2021, 8′

Furious Euribia

Rosario Veneno
France 2022, 11’

Goudou Auto

Julie Folly
Switzerland 2022, 10′


Ben Berlin
Germany 2023, 19′


Daphne Klein
Germany / Sweden 2023, 21’

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