Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 00:00, sala Pola
16.06 Friday 19:30, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 22:30, sala Ingrid

Jan Soldat - selected works

This year we are inaugurating a new event on the festival map: Artist in Focus’ ‘, i.e. an overview of selected works by artists whose activity has permanently entered the history of postporn art, expanding its horizons significantly.

Jan Soldat is probably the best documentary filmmaker among postpornographers and the best postpornographer among documentary filmmakers. For years, this Austrian filmmaker has treaded a path that leads to the strangest desires and rarely explored themes. Soldat’s works stands out with a radical rawness and authenticity: they provide a documentary record of his meetings with protagonists and record situations without leaving any room for neither direction nor manipulation, allowing us to observe the lives of others in an uncompromising and yet emphatic way. The artist does not interfere with the filmed scenes, leaving them open for viewers to interpret. This is also the greatest strength of Soldat’s films they effectively force us to reflect on social norms, our own views, and the diversity of sexual practices.

At least I've been outside

Austria 2021, 5′


Austria 2009, 1’

Endlich Urlaub

Austria 2010, 3

Geliebt (Be loved)

Austria 2010, 16

Zucht und Ordnung (Law and Order)

Austria 2012, 9

Coming Of Age

Austria 2016, 12’


Austria 2021, 11’


Austria 2021, 16

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