Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 20:00, sala Ingrid

Lucia Joyce & Flappers

Małga Kubiak
Poland 2022, 122’

Małga Kubiak – performer, director, and postporn artist – returns to the second edition of the festival with the film entitled “Lucia Joyce&Flappers.” This time, Małga shines light on the figure of Lucia, James Joyce’s daughter, following the fine trend of reclaiming the memory of forgotten women – artists and creators. In their telling of Lucia’s story – bereft of family support, misunderstood and pushed behind the walls of psychiatric hospitals at the start of a promising dance career – you will notice Małga’s artistic trademarks: a collage-style montage, shaky, disturbing hand-held camera, relentless, throbbing anxiety, and the rage of all marginalised girls, women, and non-binary people teetering on the brink of the dominant system and classified as strange and incompatible. Małga’s film explores the themes of mental illness, ageing corporeality, sexuality of bodies invisible to the system, and other often sidestepped issues that are nevertheless present in the lives of each one of us. At the same time, the film escapes simple classifications – there is no beginning, no end, no outline of the plot. And yet, it effectively ruffles our neatly regulated emotional feathers. You cannot miss this one!

Description and running Q&A: Agata Becher

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