Jezyki PL

16.06 Friday 17:30, sala Zbyszek
18.06 Sunday 22:00, sala Gerard


What are the ways of reinterpreting the rules for producing visual postpornographic narratives, and what methods can we use for this purpose? How much porn” is there in postporn and vice versa? What seems to be a new, subversive look at sexuality, and what reiterates the previously developed techniques of presenting it? And finally, where is the boundary between the male” and femalegaze, and how does it define the final outcome of the creative process? From the poignantly tender Estatic Unity(Gerard X Rayes & Poppy Sanchez), through I want you to write a novel in my eye(Marc Blackie) which experiments with the binarygaze, to the brash and radically honest Fuck It” (Grupa Dochodzę), the films in this section will help us examine these questions. And perhaps they will also provide us with some answers. This selection is a one hundred percent must seededicated to both festival veterans and newcomers who would like to broaden their cognitive horizons. Strongly recommended do come and see this!

Ecstatic Unity

Gerard X Rayes & Poppy Sanchez
Canada / Germany 2022, 18′

Projection (of Porn)

Italy 2023, 7′

I want you to write a novel in my eye

Marc Blackie
UK 2023, 8′


Jaime Acker
UK 2017, 2’


France 2023, 5′

Pieprzę to

Grupa Dochodzę (Pepe Le Puke, Szuga Szu, Biczysko)
Poland 2022, 35’

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