Jezyki PL

16.06 Friday 17:00, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 17:00, sala Gerard

Naked America

In this extraordinary film taking on the poetics of a recorded performance, the award-winning director Ines Moldavsky hilariously deconstructs the myths of masculinity functioning in American society and culture. She invites her protagonists men in front of the camera, asks embarrassing questions and introduces elements of nudity and closely observes their reactions. She plays a skilful, but also fun, game with gender clichés and patriarchal order. It is worth having a closer look at this game: what seems obvious to us may turn out to be something else! Highly recommended!

Scatto in Avanti

Werther Germondari
Italy, 2022, 4’

Naked America

Ines Moldavsky
USA / Argentina 2021, 63’

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