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Fringe practices are the best tool to understand not only where we are, but also where are the boundaries between the socially acceptable and the untamed and unknown aesthetics and meanings are located. They also carry a great potential for cultural change. This section is therefore dedicated to the most demanding and probing viewers, who are ready to discover the unknown. In it, we present, among others, the balancing act between illness and pleasure, Post Bulimika” (Pau Devolar), the radically trash gore, Now They Experience it All The Sameby the iconic American creator SamHell and crucially – “Maman”, a film produced by one of the most famous independent postporn (Four Chambers) which penetrates the rarely exposed areas of femininity. Remember: we cannot recognize the centre without being aware of the periphery.

Post Bulimika

Pau Devolar
Spain 2022, 11′

Now They Experience It All The Time...

USA 2023, 25’

A Fantastic Technique

Sakura Ardila Ortiz
Columbia 2022, 10′

Auntie's Love

Brasil 2021, 23′


Four Chambers
UK 2022, 24’

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