Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 22:00, sala Gerard
17.06 Saturday 22:00, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 22:30, sala Zbyszek

Queer Landscapes

The premiere screening of Wojtek Puśs long-awaited film is not only one of the most important events of the festival, but also a great opportunity to see the first Polish film that on the one hand references the best period of new queer cinemaculture and on the other shift the boundaries of the aesthetics and meaning of the visibility of queer culture into areas where no one has managed to venture before. Queer Landscapeswill delight us with its kaleidoscopic structure and a unique postpornographic glow, offering a completely new look at the essence of queerness. Let’s get carried away by the trance rhythm of this film and succumb to its hallucinatory charm. These images we see will stay with us for a long time.

Queer Landscapeswill be shown alongside the short film, Doll House(George Pendrosa).

Queer Landscapes

Wojciech Puś
Poland 2023, 57

Dolls House

George Pedrosa
Brasil 2022, 15’

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