Jezyki PL

14.06 Wednesday 17:30, sala Ingrid
17.06 Saturday 17:00, sala Pola

Radical Tenderness

When it comes to sexual practices, there is no language other than the language of radical tenderness and although there are probably many variations and dialects, true intimacy can only be radical. Otherwise, it is not intimacy. How do we communicate with partners, and what do we talk about when we spend time together, and how do we plan our lives? We probably understand and practice tenderness in many ways, some perhaps surprisingly different as different as the different stories told in this section. We will see, among others, Nights in the glitter(Ann Antidote) showing how touching a seemingly ordinary needle session can be, we will dive into the sensual water world of Octopuss” (Alizee Quinche), we will be touched by the care in Magic Cares for Kittens in Need(hyperlinque & Jeffie G) and ultimately we will be delighted with the manifesto written by a group of women during a therapeutic session in Penco is Love(Obrero). These are just a few of the full range of emotions presented in this section. We should them as often as possible, so that the world doesnt cease to exist.

We have never met

Zoya Laktionova
Ukrainę / Austria 2022, 5’


Alizée Quinche
Switzerland 2021, 11′

Summer Night’s Fantasy

Guby Moon
Spain 2022, 6′


Collectif Post-plottes
Canada 2020, 4′


Mateusz Jaskot
Poland 2023, 7′

Nights in the Glitter UnDojo - Kay's first needle

Ann Andidote
Germany 2022, 7′

Magic Cares for Kittens in Need

hiperlinque, Jeffe G.
Brasil 2022, 25′


France 2022, 17′

Penco is Love

Chile 2022, 5’

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