Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 22:30, sala Zbyszek
18.06 Sunday 20:00, sala Ingrid

Rendez Vous

An encounter between two people can feature unpredictable dynamics and unique scenarios so it is worth examining them and maybe even taking advantage of some ideas. In this section we juxtapose the aesthetics of bug, large budget productions from artistic and independent labels (Four Chambers and Erika Lust) with strategies of independent artists who often create their projects for entirely different reasons. We will see both sex-worker couples (Deep Dark, Baccanti) and artistic collectives (Distanced, Alexander Janson). And it is with great joy that we can present here the premiere of the first Polish film made for the renowned Erika Lust label – “Summer with Maria” (Joanna Ślesicka). For this reason alone, this section should be included in your festival must see list.

Deep Dark

Italy 2022, 9′

Two of Swords

Four Chambers
UK 2021, 13′


Alexander Janson
Germany 2022, 14′

Just a day

Andy Flipegg
Italy 2023, 8′


Four Chambers
UK 2022, 16′

Tease Me Ready

Bea Blue
Berlin / Germany 2022, 14′

Summer with Maria

Joanna Ślesicka
Poland 2023, 17’

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