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Fetish Delights

In this section, we return to transgressive films exploring fetishand kink”. We present formally interesting and popular films that explore commonly accepted kinks, as well as more niche projects also in the context of unusual or less common practices. Unquestionably, it is worth having a look at the trash aesthetics of Alexandre Madeiros (House of Dolls), who has been, for many years, consistently paving the way in the Brazilian underground scene and admire last year’s no less subversive project, Playground(Ben Berlin), which surprises with a fresh look at things known in kink culture for many years. The Polish artist Keymo who rather steadfastly, but affectionately, observes hetero culture also proposes a particular visual language. We will also learn about unusual, culturally embedded kink practices from the champion of super short forms, Viola V. (Sarx’”). For all kinksters, this set is an absolute must-see!


Charlie G Fennel
Italy 2021, 8′


Viola V
North Macedonia 2023, 2′


Ben Berlin
Germany 2022, 17′

The Holey Grail

Ethan Folk & Ty Wardwell
Germany 2022, 5’

No One Knows I’m a Dog On The Internet

Nathan King
USA 2023, 4′

Own Your Fetish

Henry Baker
USA 2022, 3’

Home Movies: Perv Pets

Mahx Capacity
Germany 2023, 5’

Boyfriend Number Two

Colin Ginks
Portugal 2021, 4′

Waking up in a Web

Lo Fi Cherry
Germany 2023, 8′


Poland 2022, 9′

eX MarionXtte

Emma Grima & Kiki Kazimi
Netherlands 2023, 4’

House of Dolls

Alexandre Medeiros
Brasil 2022, 20’

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