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14.06 Wednesday 22:00, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 12:00, sala Gerard

Celebrating Diversity in the Sex Industry #2

We create and we celebrate ourselves as sex workers”  

In the two-part section presenting artistic practices within the sex work, we focus on the celebration of diversity in the sex industry. The film selection includes: intersections of fatness in productions such as Hungerand Eroticam,” living with disability in Risk, queer in most of the films, and the perspective of BIPOC in the film on AfroDisiac, who shares her journey to queer porn and deplores the under-representation of blacks and lesbians, among others. In Under The Red Umbrellawe meet a self-employed sexworker who talks about important issues such as workersrights, need for recognition and the meaning of being a part of a community. We also present the first (and perhaps only?) Polish porn film with a translation for Deaf people, prepared by Owiaks Couple. JorgeTheObscene will tell us about sexuality from a male perspective. There will also be camp in the two parts of the cult series Kuzyneczki” featuring Sylvia Baudelaire a transgender singer known for such hits as patriarchy” or fuck my pussy. A collective from Spain will serve up an enthralling manifesto attempting to get rid of stigma, trauma, shame, and fear. We will see really hot content in Ice Cream Funby cam model Kitty Tease, You’re so vain, or a film featuring domination by Demoness Luna and Evil Woman. And for balance, a moving video essay full of mesmerising, oneiric frames you wont be able to look away, even if you wanted to. We mix post pornography with mainstream pornography designed for the male gaze. But is that really the case? To what extent is the film created by who is watching? Can porn be a tool for creating new forms of independence in a hostile, capitalist, and patriarchal world?

Selection, description and Q&A: Aleksandra Kluczyk


Elisa Díaz & Paola Meza
Chile 2020, 15

Kuzyneczki: tłusty czwartek

@vinkoxo @ladysue @sylviabaudelaire (nazwy na OnlyFans)
Poland 2023, 5

Porntraits: AfroDisiac

Anna Ivanova
Germany 2022, 16’

Sign language porn

Poland 2021, 10

You’re so vein

Summer Camp 
Poland 2022, 7’


Chile 2022, 19’

Hello, Whale

Laura Ohio 
Canada 2022 14’

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