Jezyki PL

15.06 Thursday 19:30, sala Pola
18.06 Sunday 14:30, sala Pola


Sex is not just sex and politics is not just politics,
says Marit Ostberg, the pioneer of postpornography and artist whose work has long defined the scope of visibility of what is queer” or “feminist.” This film, like no other in our programme, touches upon issues faced by postporn artists and activists on a daily basis –  how much of their work stems from their socially privileged position and how sexuality can be used in activist practice, rather than just theory. Ostberg explores the motivations of people engaged in queer pornography, deconstructing their own position in the creative process. At the same time, “Sisterhood” is an extremely warm film, treating its protagonists with care and a good dose of humour. Before the film, we will show two shorts, “Sight Effect” (Yingying Ni, Luise Ebert, Ottavia Li Volsi, Aikokul Ibraeva) and
3 Nights at the Werkstatt” (Glut:amat & Io). Created more than a decade later, they will somewhat expand the original context of Sisterhood”. This one is not to be missed – especially if you want to enter the world of postporn for real!.

Sight Effect

Yingying Ni, Luise Ebert, Ottavia Li Volsi Aikokul Ibraeva
Poland 2023, 16′

3 Nights at the Werkstatt

Glut:amat & Io
Austria 2023, 10′


Marit Östberg
Germany 2017, 47’

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