Jezyki PL

16.06 Friday 22:30, sala Zbyszek
17.06 Saturday 20:00, sala Ingrid

The Affairs of Lidia

Bruce La Bruce
Canada / Spain 2022, 95’

The name essential to the PPWFFs programme – Bruce LaBruce! This year we invite you to see the latest, perverse and unique (as usual) film by this exceptional artist – “The Affairs of Lidia.Bruce LaBruce is known for his masterful juggling of film genres, and his latest creation fits into the structure of a romantic comedy, obviously spiced up with eroticism and singular humour. It is a satire on the world of fashion the protagonist, a model, attempts to skillfully manoeuvre among the real and imagined love affairs of people from her environment, which eventually leads to a series of unforeseen disasters that set her life on a new track. A solid dose of stylish camp, carefree mockery and pseudo-tasteful aesthetics await.

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