Jezyki PL

14.06 Wednesday 00:00, sala Pola
15.06 Thursday 22:30, sala Ingrid
17.06 Saturday 15:00, sala Ingrid

The more, the better

When it comes to sexuality, it is impossible not to posit plurality without necessity.On the contrary when we forget about cultural norms and allow ourselves to explore our fantasies, it turns out that sharing pleasure with others can significantly improve our relationships and enjoyment. Because the possibilities of sharing consensual pleasure are limitless, so are the ways of describing it from the fun-filled, queer Beer and Loving with Las Bangersfrom the dynamically developing Hardwerk label, founded by Paulita Pappel, to the entirely independent and the ever underground Pistaproduced by the Brazilian collective EDYIporn. A lot of bodies, a lot of pleasure and plenty of tenderness this is the best description of the projects shown in this section.


Alexandre Medeiros
Brasil 2022, 18′


Dante Dionys
Germany 2019, 17’


Estef Medusa
Belgium 2022, 7′


Brasil 2022, 14′

Beer and Loving with Las Bangers

Hardwerk (Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler)
Germany 2022, 25’

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