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15.06 Thursday 19:30, sala Gerard
17.06 Saturday 22:00, sala Gerard

Touring the Chilean Body #1

The journey of postporn in Chile is entangled by deeply corporeal aspects of our history. From destruction, state violence and riotsTo love, poetry, bodily recesses, and fluids. All of this constitutes a pornographic development which has gone through multiple scenarios of creation and creativity, overcoming the implications of making pornography in this coño surand happily leading to a range of pleasures. Pleasures that invite us to observe beyond the Andes mountain range and to listen to the music of our bodies, and that shout from the waters, from the asphalt and from the eccentric complicities that, it’s true! A history and a porn school have been brought forth here. 

This program is a historical retrospective of the enjoyable Chilean body. It is a transition from the activism of the pospornographic movement in the early 2000s to the new Chilean porn. An exquisite journey through the different states of production of Chilean postporn, but also an expedition through our territory, bodies, problems, poetic declamations, manifestoes and stories. All this has been staged in a tour through this Chilean body, from the tips of the toes, to the top of the head.

Curated by:

Nicola Rios, founder and head programmer of Excéntrico

Paula Vidal, founder and artistic director of Excéntrico

Bhav, general producer of Excéntrico

Esto es Chile

Colectivo Subporno
Chile 2010, 1’

Nunca salí del horror

Eli Neira
Chile 2008, 3’

Pasemoslo chancho

Zaida González
Chile 2010, 4’

Besame Mamacita

Nicolas Oyarce
Chile 2010, 4’


Sergio Beltrán
Chile 2011, 2’


Felipe Rivas San Martin
Chile 2011, 5’

La bien pagá

Wincy Oyarce
Chile 2011, 3’

El yambico jadear de los amantes

Tiziana Panizza
Chile 2012, 3’

Indecencia trance

Wincy Oyarce
Chile 2012, 5’

Los cuentos de Irina

Irina la Loca y Jorge Panchana
Chile 2012, 13’

Manifiesto Gordx

Contanzx Alvarez y Samuel Hidalgo
Chile 2012, 5’


Catalina Aguayo
Chile 2014, 16’

No pasa más

Wincy Oyarce
Chile 2015, 3’

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