Jezyki PL

13-18.06 16:00-00:00
Kino Muranów (the left frontage)


Sonia Dudek, Andrei Isakov, Radomir Majewski, Natalia Parandyk, Sandra Okrasa, Sebastian Sebulec, Konrad Smoleń, Aleksandra Sołtysiak, Jakub Wróblewski, Karo Zacharski 

An exhibition of work created by students associated with the 3D Studio and Virtual Events II at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The show is the outcome of a learning and research process devoted to new strategies of exploring aesthetics of presence and attempts to define the kinds and models of relationships between users. Artists move in a variety of media and formats using interactive, collective virtual and augmented reality experiences, 3D printing and scanning, game engines, live performance, synthography, and mechatronics. They raise questions about the quality of interactions based upon informed consent suspended between the physical and virtual space, constantly manoeuvring between technical limitations and attempts to find one’s own, personal audio and phonic aesthetics, as well as ways of driving interactions, mechanics, and narratives.

As part of the exhibition, an exchange was organized with the following academic institutions: ASFA | Athens School of Fine Arts, ABK | The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, AKBILD | Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the 3D Studio and Virtual Events II at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. During the event, participants will try to define the meaning of proximity and being within today’s rapidly evolving reality.

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw / Faculty of Media Arts

Department of Virtual Space/3D Studio and Virtual Events II

Dr Jakub Wróblewski, prof. ASP | M.Sc. Andrei Isakov | M.Sc. Sebastian Sebulec

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