(short films program) 77’

05/06 Wednesday | 20:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ
08/06 Saturday | 21:15 sala 1 KULTURA

The category of “fun porn” has become a permanent fixture of the post-porn landscape – mainly because laughter is a tool that possesses quite an unprecedented power. While it can bring down empires, laughter can also have a therapeutic function. For many of those who were socialized to live a life full of feelings of “guilt”, “shame” and categories such as “sin”, laughter may be a way of coping with their personal obstacles and traumas. Films in this section allow us to reflect on the reflection of our own fears, outdated clichés about sexuality, and fears about what is and isn’t appropriate. Let’s have a long, orgasmic, and shameless laugh! Only in this way can we make the world a better place. This selection is great for post-porn novices.

Germany 2018, 16’


Marta Młot
Poland 2024, 5’


Gone with the Wind
Werther Germondari
Italy 2024, 1’


Gymplay 101
Flor Scharf
Finland 2023, 4’


Nude with landing
Werther Germondari
Italy 2024, 1’


Giant oddly shaped object from space
Kuba Tschierse
Poland 2024, 4’


Pussy Gazing
abcde Flash
Switzerland 2023, 7’


Love in the time of inflation
Zuzanna Heller
Poland 2024, 3’


Ronald McBottoms for some McDicken
Finn Darrell
USA 2022, 7’


Vienna Safety Instructor
Lars Kollros
Austria 2024, 8’


BlacK Hole
Panther Diego Tigrotto
Italy 2024, 8’


Plenum in Tuntenhaus
Lasse Långström
Germany / Sweden 2024, 13’

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