Yony Leyser
Germany 2017, 83’

06/06 | 17:00 sala 1 KULTURA
08/06 | 17:30 sala 6 PRZYSZŁOŚĆ

As a tribute to our roots, we are screening a film that tells the story of one of the funniest strategies of resistance – the birth of the queercore counterculture, which before it was invented, pretended to exist, encouraging queer people to form communities, organize and fight. This film is worth watching for a number of reasons. First, one of the film’s narrators is Bruce LaBruce. Second, the film has excellent visuals (excerpts from the most significant queer and underground films of the 1980s) and music. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, it raises an interesting question about queer people in general – should social assimilation really be their goal? From a contemporary perspective, this is one of those films that not only serves as an important queer archive, but also a reminder of where the narratives of decolonizing sexuality and using the language of art as a tool for social change did actually emerge. In looking at how they have been used, it is perhaps worth considering whether we should employ them once again.

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