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Beyond the bedroom

Sometimes it’s worth moving beyond our usual routines and onto the roof, the basement, or the attic – everywhere is suitable as long as it gives us enough joy and fun. This section orbits around Berlin’s “Urban Smut” and presents a generation of artists who grew up on the iconic Berlin festival and in this way found their own artistic language and ways of expression. They now constitute a separate artistic phenomenon that is worth looking at and that will probably surprise us again in the future. Still, we decided to supplement their perspective with two additional films from a different cultural circle: the Polish Mad Love and the Ukrainian Date, in the hope that discerning viewers will spot the differences and commonalities across these – seemingly – different narratives.

Mad Love

Anton Grosch
Poland 2022, 7’
Anton Grosch’s directorial debut tells
the story of sexuality seen through the eyes of the older, 60+ generation.

The Date

Ukraine 2017, 11’
A film about inner self-aggression and
desires that intertwine with reality and sexual fantasy. Do we want to love and be loved, or do we want to turn into a monster who destroys their victim? We’re always alone, but sometimes everyone goes on a date.

Urban Smut

Candy Flip, Finn Peaks, Jo Pollux, Katy
Bit, Theo Meow
Germany 2020, 68’
Five young filmmakers joined forces to immortalize their dreams. Urban Smut takes us directly into the beating heart of Berlin’s
erotic life. The sad voyeur, queer wrestling in an old bunker and the criminal going on in a factory hall. From a perverse ritual in a basement to a sunny rooftop – five encounters beyond the bedroom.

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