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Do it Yourself

It is worth exploring our own solosexuality, because we never know what the future will bring, and learning about our bodies and our own fantasies always brings good outcomes. But in this section, we do not focus just on solosexuality – the title also defines the way films are produced. Many artists deliberately position themselves in the areas of absolute creative independence, producing and distributing their projects with the help of the DIY idea. In this section, you’ll have a chance to see films made by the celebrities of the queer scene (Shine Luis Houston, Chelsea Poe), as well as interesting and promising newcomers (Paulina Pawłowska). Particularly noteworthy, in our opinion, is the film by Henrik Seidel – For me (alone) – an important voice and thorough analysis of the phenomenon of solosexuality – a voice that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Camera and I

Shine Louise Houston
USA 2020, 14’ 
Award-winning film by the pioneer of queer American cinema, Shine Louise Houston. Self-love in front of the camera or making love to the camera?

Peep Punk Show

Claudia Borgia
Italy 2018, 12’
An example of real, crazy DIY cinema, with an unexpectedly political ending.

The Shore

Eirini Tampasouli
Greece 2020, 3’
A lonely day on an empty beach. If you need a lover, you can make one yourself.

Mental Poem / Poema Mental

Cairo & Paulx Castello
Brazil 2020, 6’
Made in the characteristic aesthetics of EDIYPorn work about self-care, looking out for oneself and, of course, pleasure.

The great masturbatrass

Sascha Alexandra Zaitseva & Lars* Kollros
Austria 2019, 1’
A video that was deliberately posted on the largest mainstream pornographic platforms as an artistic attack and a feminist response to the toxic male world of pornography.

for me (alone) / für mich (allein)

Henrik Seidel
Germany 2021, 20’
A thorough analysis of masturbation and a portrait of empowering self-love.

Losing control

Lars* Kollros
Austria 2021, 9’
An experimental art project that decodes the language of mainstream pornography.

Fucking Against Fascism (Black Milk Solo)

Chelsea Poe
USA 2018, 10’
Black Milk Solo is part of a larger project “Fucking Against” created to financially support organizations such as Trans Lifeline or Black Lives Matter. An example of an intersection of the world of visual art and the world of activism.

Fuck Yourself

Bea Blue
Germany 2022, 7’
In patriarchal history, female masturbation was seen as a threat to masculinity. Female pleasure was dedicated to men – exclusively and always. Bea Blue’s film was created as an attempt to encourage women to take care of their own pleasure without objectifying it.

Apollo XXX

Werther Germondari
Italy 2022, 4’
Germondari plays with himself and entertains the viewers in his typical ludic and grotesque style.

Body Control

Paulina Pawlowska
Poland 2022, 2’
A film examining the relationship between photography and the photographed body. Are there any spaces in modern society where we are not observed? And are there any tools, that would give us control over the images of our bodies?

Sex Relish (a solo orgasm) / Jouir (en solitaire)

Ananda Safo
France 2021, 12’
A film that listens to the voices of women talking about experiences and desires that come to life when they’re alone.

In Heaven, Everything Is Fine

Viola Venom
Australia 2019, 4’
David Lynch inspires some solitary, intimate moments.

The Emulated Struggle of the Adolescent Male

Marc Blackie
United Kingdom 2020, 7’
Marc Blackie’s surreal and often absurd style of Marc Blackie makes this film – seemingly attempting to talk about masturbation – appear as something completely different. But – as the artist claims – that’s exactly what it’s about.

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