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09/06 Thursday 14:30, sala Gerard
11/06 Saturday 15:00, sala Ingrid

Educational Hell

This selection seems to us significant for a number of reasons. In a country that lacks access to systemic and reliable sex education, any conversation about what sex education is and why it’s necessary constitutes a significant element of change. After all, this kind of education will determine who our children will become and whether their bodies will be a source of satisfaction and happiness, or a dark territory built upon guilt and fear. Of course, as it’d be impossible to exhaust this subject in one section, this is an initial attempt to sketch out some key areas. We hope that for most of us, the entire PPFFW will serve an educational function.


Andreia Dobrota
Netherlands 2020, 1’
A visual ode to all kinds of vaginas

Sex Tapes: lessons from a 7ft Penis & Friends

Tamara Scherbak
Canada 2019, 9’
A microdocument about Norman Nawrocki and his artistic educational strategies, or how a 2-meter-long, singing penis and an equally large vagina helped fight sexism and homophobia.

Mom, what’s up with the dog? / Maman, il a quoi le chien?

France 2021, 7’
A touching and funny animation about a teenager discovering her sexuality.

Love Your Cunt

United Kingdom 2018, 12’
Produced by altSHIFT – one of the most significant labels of ethical postpornography –film celebrating diversity and encouraging you to get rid of shame. Never allow anyone to lecture you on how your pussy should look like.

Female Ejaculation and Other Mysteries of the Universe

Julia Ostertag
Germany 2020, 63’
The film proposes a new perspective on female sexuality and the sex-positive herstory of female pleasure through a diverse collection of interviews as well as archival and documentary material.

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