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Endless Story of Disease

As we were happily preparing for the festival, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began and caused us to reflect on whether what we do makes sense in the new situation. It soon transpired that one of the axes of Putin’s war propaganda was deep contempt for democratic society, a lack of respect for minorities, a patriarchal social model, and callous hatred for the Other. The aggressor marches hand in hand with religious fundamentalism, and we are aware that this the case also beyond Russia.
Endless Story of Disease comprises selected works of Ukrainian queer artist AntiGonna, the pioneer of post-pornographic art in Ukraine and winner of the prestigious Pinchuk Award (2020). AntiGonna’s films explore topics of violence, patriarchy, feminism, rape, and war. The artist’s consistent use of a rough and grimy film language is certainly worth exploring and becoming immersed in, and, in comparison with other films at the festival, proves once again the wide range of contemporary postpornography.
The English description of the projects (or the lack of them) is the artist’s intention and is part of the project.

Rave on the Bones

At the same time, when the war continues in Ukraine till today, also the raves continue. Raves on the bones.

The Bloodsucker and The Slut

In the toilet of the nightclub lived two best friends Bloodsucker and the Slut. They didn’t expect anyone there, but for some reason a new victim always comes to them.

Gonjure Grandmother, Conjure Grandfather!

The performance was the beginning of a new stage of work and life of AntiGonna. The first part is the confession and sacrifice of the artist herself, which is dedicated to the snakes, to Jesus and Judas. The second part is the birth of a new and murderous power of sex, dedicated to all gallery owners and art historians in Ukraine.

Orgy in feathers and trial for the Saint Draftsman

2016, 9’

Merry Hell

2019, 6’
Everything ends with a war, both external and internal. A sadist and a masochist are one and the same.

Enter the War!

2017, 4’
War lives deep under the Earth. People themselves let it in. The war asks to enter.

Kissing the eye

Kissing the eye. Lesbian sex drama and fantastic utopia of feelings which show the complex, auto-aggressive attitude of the heroines to themselves and to their love, passion for sex and human relationships. One of the main misfortunes of the characters is the myth of love. It is a short story about two lost girls who accidentally meet each other in the streets. After some nice time spent together they realise that they dream of becoming lovers with a desire to create violent snuff-video-shooting. Finally time comes to the point of no return where one of them have to pay a big price for her freedom and the second one can observe how her love turns into hate with kissing in the eye

Dirty lesbians

2016, 16’


The woman underwent a sex change operation. She could not live any more without a penis. But the operation didn’t go well and now she has only one way out-to be a hostage of her own body and inner state in a kata-komba (underground tunnel). Short music video about the hopeless situation of problems with a gender and loneliness.

Family life

Every family life is the same for everyone. If you are forced to do what your partner really does not want to do.


The girls made a party and realized that they wanted to kill and eat the camera operator, because of the hopelessness of a sad life without love. This is a fragment of the film “Main Idea”

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