Jezyki PL

07/06 Tuesday 20:00, sala Gerard i Pola
08/06 Wednesday 19:30, sala Gerard
09/06 Thursday 17:30, sala Zbyszek
10/06 Friday 12:00, sala Gerard


What’s postpornography and what does it talk about? Who does porn, and how do they do it? Foreplay is a selection of shorts from other festival film sections intended to help you explore the wealth of festival narratives, and methods and strategies, for all those who are a little afraid, a little ashamed, but most of all would like to know what this is all about. We hope that it’ll whet your appetites, boost your curiosity, and encourage you to take a closer look at what the entire PPFFW has to offer.

Baiser (Kiss)

Mark Reynolds
USA 2021, 1’
If you’re not into this movie, then
probably nothing can save you.


The Raw Angels
Germany 2019, 19’
If we want to get rid of the heteropatriarchal heritage, let’s do it with the help of sex seen from a female, postporn, and sex education perspective.

Genderfluid / Fluidité

Laure Giappiconi & Elisa Monteil & La Fille Renne
France 2021, 7’
Using the distinctive language of photographic film, the work talks about how our bodies and genitals not always match who we’d like to be and what we’d like to do during sex.

Stay Ups

Joanna Rytel
Sweden 2017, 11’ 
One of Joanna Rytel’s most interesting projects. An uncompromising, yet tender, look at the situation of a mature single mother.


Progressive Touch

Michael Portnoy
Austria 2020, 12’
Three different accounts of dance and sex in a film by the “master of performance” produced for the Austrian art event, Steirischer Herbst

Lizzy and Seyah

Kristian Petersen
Germany 2018, 10’
Lizzy visits Seyah in an end of life care centre and builds a relationship based on friendship and honesty.

Ob scena

Paloma Orlandini Castro
Argentina 2021, 18’
 An excellent example of progressive Latin American cinema, characterized by the delineation of new visual codes and the expansion of fields of interest in postpornographic art. In an interesting and innovative way, the film looks at the recent changes in medicine and psychiatry, redefining the concepts of norm and disease, unambiguously positioning science in the area of culture.


Andreia Dobrota
Andreia Dobrota
Netherlands 2020, 1’
A visual ode to all kinds of vaginas

Arid / Árida

Brazil 2019, 5’
Some desires can never be satisfied. An old-school, disturbing psychoanalytic manifesto about loneliness and sexuality.

Pandemic Exercises

Aga Szreder & Rafal Żwirek
Poland 2020, 8’
A counter-fiction of the late-stage Anthropocene, post-pandemic world of sexual practices. If nature is more romantic than culture, then evacuation strategies cease to be of any significance.

Fuck the Fascism: The crossroads of two worlds / Fuck the Fascism: El cruce de dos mundos

Chile 2020, 9
Marcos García tells the horrific story of the genocide of the indigenous Fuegian people – a story that repeats itself: the descendants of the colonizers are now politicians and businessmen and are still responsible for further repressions. In the past, they cut off their ears, now their police are shooting at mestizo women. The artist Maria Basura and her friends decide to take revenge in a way characteristic for the “FTF” project.

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