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Let’s not be afraid!

Fear of the oppressor can be paralysing, but it’s also a catalyst for courage. Let’s reclaim our bodies (and those of others), constantly appropriated by political and fundamentalist regimes. Let’s be radical and decisive, prudent and crazy, but let’s never – never! — forget about caring for and supporting each other. In this section, we will show the best postporn projects that not only inspire courage, but above all critical thinking and action. That’s because sexuality is a force that cannot be beaten by anything or anyone.

Fom skin's chest / Do peito da pele

Keythe tavares & Rudolfo Auffinger
Brazil 2020, 9’
A film-prayer based on the poem “What will we do with him” by Francisco Mallmann. This Brazilian LGBTQIA+ groups’ manifesto brings us hope that a better world is possible.

Fuck The Fascism PARIS

Chile / France 2018, 16’
FTF is a project that decolonizes monuments to tyrants, national heroes, slave owners and all those whose wealth and social position were paid for with blood, theft, and abuse of power.
“We go out in the streets. Monsters, mutants, misfits, migrants, dissidents; those who have woken up and want to wake others up. We break down the walls erected by the heroes of colonialism. We fuck them, squirting true history onto their stone bodies.”

Welcome to Athens

Greece 2018, 7’
A charmingly subversive promotional video presenting Athens as a city of openness and tolerance, produced by the leading artist of the Athenian scene.

Freedom 2.0

Dar Devolar
Spain 2022, 4’
A touchingly sincere manifesto of freedom and dignity prepared especially for the PPFFW by the Spanish artist Devolar, who usually works with alternative bondage.


Chorus of Body
Turkey 2021, 2’
Ghusl is an Arabic term referring to the full-body ritual purification mandatory before the performance of various rituals and prayers.


Femme Cakes Collective // Alex Janaszewski
United Kingdom 2021, 4’
An erotic microdocument about homophobic ideology dominating the narrative of Polish conservative circles suggests the only possible answer: an uninhibited celebration of queer desire, bodies, and pleasure.

Closeted Lesbian / Lésbica Enrustida

Bia Lee
Brazil 2020, 6’
“It’s a belated apology, a belated love letter, a late goodbye. Mourning the death of someone who, without even knowing it, helped me construct my sexual identity.”

Ciało / Body

Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland 2021, 2’
A camera performance about the stigmatization of the female body and sex life.


Chile 2020, 11’
Santiago’s underground scene, a song by Felipe Muñoz and an ardent visual manifesto on the emancipation of Latino gay identities. Once you get rid of guilt, you’ll reclaim your freedom.

It is hot it is icy / Il fait chaud c'est glacial

Cosmo & Angèle
France 2021, 2’
Solal and Thaïs are making love. Just like that.

Fuck the Fascism: The crossroads of two worlds / Fuck the Fascism: El cruce de dos mundos

Chile 2020, 9
Marcos García tells the horrific story of the genocide of the indigenous Fuegian people – a story that repeats itself: the descendants of the colonizers are now politicians and businessmen and are still responsible for further repressions. In the past, they cut off their ears, now their police are shooting at mestizo women. The artist Maria Basura and her friends decide to take revenge in a way characteristic for the “FTF” project.


The Raw Angels
Germany 2019, 19’
If we want to get rid of the heteropatriarchal heritage, let’s do it with the help of sex seen from a female, postporn, and sex education perspective.

Divine Rites I

Four Chambers
United Kingdom 2018, 14’
Divine Rites is a project exploring how religion intersects with our sex lives. An authentic interview with the film’s protagonist, Carmina – in which she tells how she was raised to be a “good girl”– illustrated with artistic visions of sex, is one of the most interesting productions from the Four Chambers label.

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