Jezyki PL

08/06 Wednesday 12:30, sala Ingrid
11/06 Saturday 20:00, sala Ingrid

More is more

Consensual sex is fun, we all know that. But this fun can also be tripled or quadrupled, depending on the number of interested parties. The potentials of sharing joy and pleasure seem virtually limitless, just like the boundless ways of talking about this: from the mainstream Bruce LaBruce to the radical Spanish feminist collective, Fem Porn. It is also worth paying attention to 3some Collage, created by Michał Sosna especially for the festival – a significant production within the rather poor, Polish postporn field.

Porn warriors

Nicky Miller
Germany 2018, 6’
Nicky Miller invites us into the world of queer warriors.

Chaos Stars: Pleasure in anarchy / Estrelas do caos: Tesao na anarquia

Alexandre Medeiros
Brazil 2021, 20’
The revolution will either be a radical orgy, or there’ll be no revolution at all…

3some Collage

Poland 2022, 11’
No_pic_no_chat, is Michał Sosna’ pioneering project attempting to improve the visibility of non-heteronormative people. “3some Collage”, created especially for PPFFW, offers and uncompromising depiction of sexuality and in an unusual way combines different sexual orientations of participants.


Emy Fem
Netherlands 2022, 8’
Emy Fem is an icon of sex worker activism and one of the more recognizable figures of the postporn scene. Her film is an example of an authentic, independent narration originating in the deepest underground.

ACAB II (All Cunts Are Bombs)

Miss Kachapas & Señorita Coagulada (FEM PORNO)
Spain 2017, 18’
Barcelona’s FEM PORNO collective are pioneers of artistic postpornography with a feminist background. ACAB impresses with sincerity, joy, and unpretentiousness bursting out of every frame.

Valentin, Pierre y Catalina

Bruce La Bruce
Spain 2018, 28’
A vision of a safe Barcelona in a world overcome by chaos. A friendship put to the test and passion that can save this friendship. Bruce LaBruce in a surprising, if a little mainstream, film produced by Erika Lust.

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