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Peripheral practices are one of the key elements of realizing where we are and where lies the boundary between what’s socially acceptable and what’s unfamiliar and untamed. This section of films is dedicated to the most demanding and discerning viewers. you’ll see films by the Austrian outsider Jan Soldat (although this year he also shows his film in Cannes), who creates portraits of the characters by mixing harsh empathy with a cold (but far from judgemental) documentary and narrative technique – which is extremely rare, even among the most demanding artists of the postporn environment. Henry Baker asks whether marginal forms of sexuality can be treated as radical art in public space, and Antony Hicklings proposes a Shakespearean deconstruction of Pasolini. This is a unique section – invaluably revealing and shockingly honest.


Jan Soldat
Austria 2017, 20’

Friday Night Stand

Jan Soldat
Germany 2020, 11’

Blind Date

Jan Soldat
Austria 2022, 12’
Jan Soldat’s films occupy a particular
position in postporn art, as he is an artist who speaks his own, deliberate
language. It is worth getting learning this language and taking a closer look
at Soldat’s work – his films expand, to their limits, the narratives about


Henry Baker
USA 2020, 20’
Does the online artist “Athleticpisspig” really deal with art? Do niche sexual practices transferred into public space constitute a new framework for performance, or do they clearly delineate boundaries? An interesting documentary film asking questions that viewers have to answer for themselves.


Antony Hickling
France / England 2018, 60’
Starring: Biño Sauitzvy, Thomas Laroppe,
Luc Bruyère, Arthur Gillet, Alvaro Lombard, François Brunet, and Gaëtan Vettier.
An experimental feature in which Antony Hickling explores the dark and unstable expanses of violence and sexuality, through mixing the languages of dance, poetry, and performance. This difficult and demanding film combines the poetics of the shamanic rite of passage with pop-cultural clichés of submission/domination. It is worth noting that Hickling himself did a PhD in queer theory and performative arts, and consistently treats film language as a field of scientific and artistic exploration. What is more, his projects became the subject of academic research and brought the director awards and recognition around the world.

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