Jezyki PL

08/06 Wednesday, 22:00 sala Gerard
11/06 Saturday, 22:00 sala Pola

Pornoutopie #1

Pornutopia is a proposed safe space built upon common values and principles that define both sexual and identity norms and ways of using them. But is this vision of a transgressive, idyllic community overly superficial? What hides behind the façade of collective desire and autonomous choices? To what extent can political decisions undermine inclusiveness and how to deal with trespassers attempting to change the way this Pornutopian collective works? Films presented in both sections ask similar questions, but propose different answers. Still, the most important question is addressed to the viewers: are you ready to construct a new world, or would you rather remain within the familiar, tamed reality?

There are plenty of reasons to see The Misandrists, but the main one seems to be that Bruce LaBruce’s supportive film offers a moment of romantic respite in our struggles with visibility and the right to self-determination. While mocking the radical and exclusionary second wave feminism, the film reminds us that the 21-century art world may engage in conflicts other than those drawn in the previous century. Pansexual, racially inclusive, queer, and angry, but most of all – surprisingly current cinema, especially in 2022 Poland.

The Misandrists

Direction and Script: Bruce LaBruce
Germany, 2017, 91’

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