Jezyki PL

09/06 Thursday 20:00, sala Ingrid
12/06 Sunday 12:00, sala Zbyszek

Pornoutopie #2

Pornutopia is a proposed safe space built upon common values and principles that define both sexual and identity norms and ways of using them. But is this vision of a transgressive, idyllic community overly superficial? What hides behind the façade of collective desire and autonomous choices? To what extent can political decisions undermine inclusiveness and how to deal with trespassers attempting to change the way this Pornutopian collective works? Films presented in both sections ask similar questions, but propose different answers. Still, the most important question is addressed to the viewers: are you ready to construct a new world, or would you rather remain within the familiar, tamed reality?

“How can we build barricades when we can’t even get out of bed?” In the second part of Pornutopia, we attempt to examine the crisis of patriarchy, but also the crisis of feminist and queer discourses, and suggesting different escape routes: into hedonism resulting from disappointment (Worlds of Desire: Sexuality) or into melancholy, sadness, and withdrawal (Sad Girls of the Mountains). Both films, although differently, attempt to deconstruct the utopia of modernity, in which we often think that things are better than they actually are and once we discover the truth, it turns out there’s little that can be done.

The Sad Girls
 of the Mountains

Candy Flip & Theo Meow
Germany 2019, 82’

Worlds of Desire 02: Sexuality

Manuel Klein & Hanna Schaich
Germany 2020, 21’

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