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Portraits of Intimacy

The common denominator of this section is a combination of authenticity and emotion. Whenever we talk about our sexuality – whether through family history (42 Days of Nat Portnoy) or by trying to decolonize joyful gay-friendly narratives (Sunny Boy), it’s impossible to avoid a particular level of intimacy that makes these stories familiar. Perhaps – and it does not seem particularly extraordinary – Portraits of Intimacy are portraits of us, only in other bodies and spaces.

42 dni

Nat Portnoy
Netherlands / Poland 2020, 11’
In this personal and honest film, the Polish artist Nat Portnoy attempts to come to terms with her father’s illness through the prism of sexual identity, Catholic environment, and the experience of migration.


Martin Willibald Meisl
Austria 2021-2022, 27’
An experimental, autobiographical film. The protagonist deliberately becomes infected with HIV and attempts to find answers to the following questions: when did self-destructive behaviours appear in his life? What were they caused by?

Not man enough 1

Andres Valenzuela Arellano
Chile 2021, 3
Dealing with the fear of “not being man enough” in a sexist and brutal country that is Chile. 

Vienna Blood / Wiener Blut

Patrick Catuz
Austria 2021, 27’
The film’s protagonist Hannah shows us around her city, introduces us to BDSM practices, and reveals how did she grow into the person she is today.

Sunny Boy

Sara Moralo
United Kingdom 2019, 42’
Kumar’s story touches on questions of identity: What does it mean to be gay in Tamil culture? What does it mean to be gay in London? How does skin colour affect how we’re perceived in different places? A melancholy reflection on masculinity and sexuality.

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