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08/06 Wednesday 14:30, sala Gerard
09/06 Thursday 19:30, sala Pola

Radical Closeness

In perisexual practices, there is no language other than the language of radical closeness – and although there are probably many variations and dialects, true closeness can only be radical. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be closeness. How do we communicate with our partners, what do we talk about, when do we spend time together, and how do we plan our lives? We probably understand and practice closeness in different ways, perhaps even surprisingly different – just like the histories presented in this section. Still, regardless of whether they take place in Slovenia, Greece, Belgium or Brazil, they always share the same emotion. Let’s use it as often as possible, so that the world does not cease to exist.

Ten Euro Sea

Eva Koliopantou & Despina
Greece 2020, 24’
An ordinary day, ordinary conversations and ordinary people. And an extraordinary film that shows it all.

Baiser (Kiss)

Mark Reynolds
USA 2021, 1’
If you’re not into this movie, then probably nothing can save you.

Love’s Crumble

Gilles Lo Verso
Italy 2021, 11’
Four years in the love life of a couple.

Body and Strings / Des corps & des cordes

Alice Affre
Alice Affre
France / Belgium 2022, 9’
Filmed on VHS, queer view of LGTBQ + sexuality


France 2020, 16’
Lina and Carmina meet in Berlin to prepare guacamole for dinner. The longings of emigrant women and their memories become a catalyst for pleasure.

Amores Líquidos

Carolina Albuquerque & Isadora Vieira
Brazil 2019, 5’
During the carnival, time and space seep
into each other and create a vacuum in which anything is possible.

AMCE (After Matter Come Energy)

OF MANIFESTO: Nour Beetch & Nicky
Belgium 2021, 19’
Transfeminist polytopias meet at the intersection
of pornography and art. They are constructed from hybrid desires free from taboos and shame, in which suggestive content is neither degrading nor standardized, but rouses the senses with images, words, and movement. AMCE is a journey to the peripheries, a laboratory of eroticism, rebellion, and disobedience by overthrowing norms and discovering radical emotions.

Lovers / Husbands (2021)

Greece 2021, 10’
A sensitive portrait of John and Matt, two amateur postporn actors.

Na lepom plavom Dunavu

tela Radek &
Domagoj Obadić
Germany 2021, 24’
A couple decides to make their first postporn film, hoping that they can forge a David Lynch-like career.

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