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10/06 Friday 19:30, sala Gerard
12/06 Sunday 19:30, sala Gerard

Raw! Uncut! Video!

A fascinating documentary describing the revolutionary turn in gay-kink American culture, led by the film’s protagonists: Jack Fritschner and Mark Hemry. During the height of the AIDS epidemic, they founded the Palm Drive Video film studio, exploring new territories of pleasure and focused mainly on cinema and fetish. The alternative sexual practices they promoted have helped weaken the effects of the epidemic and set new paths for the visibility of underground BDSM culture. The film features, among others, academic and feminist artist Susie Bright and Rick Castro, one of the most important American photographers.

Raw! Uncut! Video! not only delivers a fascinating journey through time, but also shows another new face of 1908s independent kink culture and successfully redefines its place in recent history thanks to its popularization of unusual but safe sexual techniques that are essential in the era of the global health crisis. A must-see!
But before we get to that, as a warm-up, we suggest you see a Brazilian short film, the “The Sacred Band.” It’s an avant-garde and melancholy, almost oneiric treatise about some very different, ancient gay heroes.

Raw! Uncut! Video!

Ryan A. White & Alex Clausen
USA 2021, 79’

O Bando Sagrado

Breno Baptista
Brasil 2019, 20’

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