Jezyki PL

09/06 Thursday 15:00, sala Ingrid
11/06 Saturday 19:30, sala Pola


What would sex be without rituals, and what would rituals be without sex? Interpretative paths seem well threaded: magic and darkness should drip from every film like candle wax on the skin of a victim trapped by the witches. But, let us try to slightly broaden the logic of the ritual, because just as sexuality is unpredictable and diverse, so is ritual. We can attempt to play with ritual convention and how to refer to the ritual clichés that define what the ritual might be. We invite you on a not-so-dark journey through the fascinating world of rituals, games, repetitive gestures, and even wrestling, because virtually every ritual is important if it brings us closer to ourselves and satisfies our desires.


Eric Falardeau
Canada 2021, 11’
An occult and hallucinatory
self-portrait of contemporary masculinity – 8 mm tape and plenty of references to American experimental cinema.

Fucking Freaks Club

Nour Beetch Lisa Lapierre
Belgium 2021, 18’
A queer postporn ritual, in which two people discover their non-binary selves to overcome fear.

Na – Da

Ukraine 2018, 11’
Wild, Ukrainian, Carpathian wildernesses. In a shepherd’s hut, the elements awake.

Trimming the wick

Jo Pollux
Germany 2018, 6’
Classic BDSM ritual: light and darkness, hot wax and sacrifice.


Poland 2022, 8’
The eternal ritual dance of Eros and Tanatos. The latest film by the Polish underground artist, Keymo.

Wrestling Blues

Yarli Allison
Hong Kong / UK 2019, 6’
Can the wrestling ring be a space for examining the functioning of the mind, and fighting in it is a ritual of self-knowledge?


IIztok Klacar
Slovenia 2020, 6’
Some rituals are very personal and have a deeply transformative power.

B – Therapy

Nat Portnoy
Netherlands 2020,8’
Nat Portnoy’s performance, talking about the oppression and stigmatization of the female body.

Sperm Obsession

Klaudia Prabucka
& Piotr Michalski
Poland 2021,6’
Compulsive gestures are also rituals. The protagonist of the film, obsessively collecting the sperm of random lovers, finds herself in a tricky predicament.

Intoxicate Yourself

Intoxicate Yourself
Pollux & Meow Meow
Germany 2018, 6’
A decadent and sensual story inspired by the poetry of Charles Baudelaire.

Gadania po Klitory

Ukraine 2018, 6’
Ukrainian artist AntiGonna invites us into the world of hypnotic experience.

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