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Sex at the time of the plague

The pandemic has affected artistic environments working with the body and sexuality in a particular way. Sanitary rules and restrictions have limited the possibilities of creating further projects, impacting both performers and those on the other side of the camera. They enforced an interesting transformation of postporn narratives and a focus on intimate projects, told from the perspective of one person or exploring the inner experiences of artists. Films presented in this section are an important testimony to a particular time, but also demonstrate methods of taming the traumatizing effects of the sudden change in the paradigm of the world as we knew it before. It is possible that some postpandemic narratives will stay with us for longer and as such, they surely deserve our attention.


Werther Germondari
Italy 2020, 1’

Endzeit Berlin

Toni Karat
Germany 2021, 10’
A cinematic, queer impression of a city during the pandemic.


Ben Berlin
Germany 2020, 10’
Probably the most fetishist film about quarantine.


My Baby All Gone
United Kingdom 2021, 4’
Depiction of the boredom of 100 days of quarantine, filmed on a mobile phone.


Mateusz Jaskot
Mateusz Jaskot
Poland 2021, 1’
During isolation, a mirror may be your only companion.


Four Chambers
United Kingdom 2020, 7’
A perverse tribute to “Fuses” by Carolee Schneemann from 1967, and simultaneously a conceptual work on sexuality during the pandemic.

Fuck the Fascism: Post Pandemic War Edition

Maria Basura
Chile / Germany 2022, 7 ‘
The latest film by Maria Basura – like the other parts of the FTF series, decolonizes monuments and proposes bold political theses: who is responsible for the two most profitable industries – pharmaceutical and armaments

Tape Deck

Morgana Mayer
Italy 2020, 13’
Only our imagination can save us during a time of involuntary isolation.

Covid Obsessions

Morgana Mayer
Italy 2020, 30’
Filled with anxiety, uncertainty and desire, a diary of the first weeks of pandemic reality.

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