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Sex work is work

Sex work is a work. Still, those who perform sex work encounter constant problems: social exclusion, hostility, or lack of social security are just a few examples of how repressive contemporary culture can be in relation to this type of work. In this section, we give voice to those who perform sex work and present many perspectives and artistic points of view of this kind of labour. To what extent is sex work rooted in culture, and in what fields can it be socially useful? How inclusive are sex worker practices, and isn’t decriminalizing them a prerequisite for the future development of modern societies? Who are the sex workers, and why are we sometimes surprised that they are no different from us? Let’s give the floor to sex worker collectives and artists, and let’s hear what they’ve been trying to tell us for a long time.

Sex Worker at Home

Yvette Luhrs & Andre Weststrate
Netherlands 2018, 6’
The film invites us to spend a day off with a full-time sex worker, Yvette. This is an exclusive chance to look at a life, which is often hidden from the outside world.

Hello Sir

Jet Moon
United Kingdom 2021, 7’
Hello Sir is an artistic project whose main idea is an attempt to describe and comment upon the apparent dichotomy between the material reality of sex work and the reality of queer culture.

Rising Sun Blues

Sura Hertzberg
USA 2020, 5’
We’re the granddaughters of witches they couldn’t burn. Our ancestors are always with us, their spirits continue to haunt us, begging for deliverance from the nightmare of the Puritan world. How can we set them free?

Sex(ual) Healing

Maximus Skaff
USA 2021, 22’
Produced by The Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center and presented at the Museum of Sex NY at the exhibition “Reclaiming & Making: Art, Desire, Violence.”

Whore’s butt has a heart / El culo de una puta tiene un corazón

Andrea Corrales
Spain 2022, 5’
Sex work is work, and sex workers are screwed. A story of survival, love, and friendship told from the perspective of a sex worker’s buttocks.

All of Me

Josie Hess, Morgana Muses
Australia 2020, 15’
Melinah is a sex worker, camgirl, and an activist with cerebral palsy. This short, intimate documentary examines her work, philosophy, and identity.

GODASSES – Part III: Jamal Phoenix

Emre Busse
Germany 2022, 8’
A portrait of Jamal Phoenix describing the dilemmas faced by a transgender sex worker. The film is one of the parts of the “Godasses” series.

Lizzy and Seyah

Kristian Petersen
Germany 2018, 10’
Lizzy visits Seyah in an end of life care centre and builds a relationship based on friendship and honesty.

Safe Area in Turkey

Turkey 2022, 13’
A film created specifically for PPFFW, showing the life of a queer sex worker in the morally oppressive Turkey. The film is an austere documentation of a paid meeting: it shows what the reality of such work looks like in countries where it’s erased and penalized.

Erotic Interview / Entrevista a lo Erotico

Francisco Maldonado Morales
Chile 2022, 10’
A documentary about the work of Melissa Anahis, a sex worker and dancer from Argentina currently living in Chile.

Cyborg Manifesto

Four Chambers
United Kingdom 2020, 5’
Camgirl’s work told through the prism of working in a system in which every image, recording, and all data and online activity becomes a commodity.

Sewers of Heterosexuality

Marianne Chargois
France 2018, 11’
Marianne Chargois has been a professional dominatrix for 10 years. She often documents her work: starting from the services she most often offers clients – enemas, fisting and catheters
– and analyses the kinds of toxic masculinity and the possible ways for subverting them.

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