Jezyki PL

08/06 Wednesday 22:30, sala Zbyszek
12/06 Saturday 22:00, sala Gerard

Spit and Ashes

Maria Beatty, a Venezuelan artist, for over 20 years has worked on themes that are very dear to PPFFW: feminism, patriarchy, agency of female desire or the body understood as a political entity. In Spit and Ashes, Beatty once again returns to the topic of institutionalized violence against women firmly rooted in our history of oppression – the violence of the witch hunts and the objectifying treatment of femininity by religious and patriarchal social structures. This black and white, half oneiric, half trance, practically dialogue-free tale demonstrates that the ‘granddaughters of witches they couldn’t burn’ are now reclaiming their voices and assert rights. Before the screening of Spit and Ashes, we will see an étude by Portuguese artist Ann Antidote, A Story of Seasons – an example of how Beatty’s films affect the work of a new generation of post-porn artists.

Spit and Ashes

Maria Beatty
USA / Switzerland 2019, 72’

A Story of Seasons

Ann Antidote & Caine Panik & Misantropikal
Niemcy / Portugalia / Chile 2019, 6’

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