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08/06 Wednesday 20:00, sala Ingrid
12/06 Sunday 22:00, sala Pola

The Future of Sex

Postporn artists are also tormented by all the valid questions about the future (Will it be bright? How will we find our place in it?) In order to find the answer, we might examine the present and attempt to decode the seemingly hidden meanings. This rather reflective selection features Cables by Thomas Diafas, from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki and the joyfully perverse Hologang by Paulita Pappel, and toys with the old-fashioned myth of the world without men (permanently rooted in Polish culture thanks to the archaic and sexist “Seksmisja.”) Let’s find some answers together – perhaps they are more optimistic than we expect.

FUDLIAKS! Tear the sexes apart!/ FUDLIAKS! Zerfetzt die Geschlechter!

Jasmin Hagendorfer
Austria 2021, 13’
The film is set in an indefinite
present, in a mysterious laboratory of the Institute for Gender
Standardization. The subject of research of this neoconservative think tank is
the scientific basis of heteronormative bodies and biological binary of gender.
But a new round of research will turn it all upside down…

Getting High on my own Sperm

Shiri Feingold
Germany 2017, 18’
While touching on contemporary global
issues, this camp narrative focuses on sperm as a new drug that will either
change the world or completely destroy it. Shiri Feingold is currently ranked
among the 1,000,000 best artists in the world.

Alien Cyber Porn

Emilia Rodziewicz
Poland 2022, 5’
A personal exploration of sexuality and
non-binary identity shot in the convention of a sex webcam broadcasting from a
distant planet, with the addition of some interesting early-Internet aesthetics.

Dolls of the Automatons

Alberto Pérez
Spain 2022, 11’
The Patriotic Reeducation Unit is a
forgotten underground prison in the middle of a toxic zone. There, military
vending machines “re-educate” prisoners using a combination of torture and
chemistry from mutated plants. When prisoners are considered sufficiently “rehabilitated,”
they are forced to produced cheap, degrading, automated porn for the army.

Cables | Kávles

Thomas Diafas
Greece 2021, 12’
Time travel is an opportunity to explore
the history and practices of homosexual sex and violence – from colonialism to the present day – in order to predict the dystopian future. The work is held in the collection of MOMus, the Metropolitan Organization of Museums of Visual Arts of Thessaloniki.

Fluid Bound

Roberto Fatal
USA 2020, 8’
Roberto Fatal’s artistic film tells the story of people who find themselves at the intersection of time, space, and culture.


Paulita Pappel & Rod Wyler
Germany 2020, 33’
“Hologang” is a dystopian vision of a world without men, which resonates
with Polish national pride – the chauvinistic, conservative “Seksmisja” (1983)
– in a deeply post-pornographic way. Perhaps this is a sign of the times: the perverse image of a world, in which women have reclaimed their agency and are entitled to pleasure, is one of our festival’s credos.

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