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The Sexual is political #1

In the 21st century, talking about intimacy and sexuality is unfortunately still political – but perhaps that is a good thing? Perhaps it should remain political until we have fully reclaimed our right to decide about our own bodies. In this section, we have a chance to take a closer look at artistic narratives examining the relationships between oppression and pleasure, power and sexuality, patriarchy and modernity. The fact that the relationship between the body and politics is one of the fundamental – perhaps even the most important – areas of interest for postpornography is also evidenced by the fact that in order to present a representative range of films and works, we address it across two independent sections. You’ll see radical Latin American works, films made by feminist and sex worker collectives, films by queer artists and decolonization animations. Even the somewhat mainstream work of Bruce LaBruce fits into the Sexual is Political section. Before we take to the streets again to demand – yet again – equal treatment and fundamental rights – let us pause for a moment and take a look at ourselves in a mirror polished by the most significant phenomena in postporn art. Let us take a close look at the tools of social change presented here. We all need them.

Autodefense Gynecology / Gynecologia Autodefensa

Julia Ostertag
Germany / Mexico 2019, 16’
An autonomous research project decolonizing the history of gynaecology and offering tools for changing the existing, patriarchal social structures.

Don’t Be a DICK!

Amir Ovadia Steklov
Germany 2020, 9’
Don’t be a DICK! analyses our perception of changes in the size of the penis – from early childhood and sexual education to adulthood and pornographic culture, our understanding of the naked male body has been formed by antiquated, racist ideas.

Dildo Riot

Maria Katsikadakaou
(aka Maria Cyber)
Greece 2021, 9’
Can a monstrous dildo be a gadget useful in the course of political struggle?

Fuck the Fascism

Maria Basura
Chile / Spain / Germany 2016, 8’
 FTF is a project that decolonizes monuments to tyrants, national heroes, slave owners and all those whose wealth and social position paid for with blood, theft, and the abuse of power. “We go out in the streets. Monsters, mutants, misfits, migrants, dissidents; those who have woken up and want to wake others up. We break down the walls erected by the heroes of colonialism. We fuck them, squirting true history onto their stone bodies.”

No Democracy Here

Liad Hussein Kantorowicz
Germany 2017, 25’
An experimental documentary on the concept of political domination. Liad is a left-wing human rights activist who re-educates her right-wing slaves on left-wing values, such as economic justice and direct democracy, using BDSM practices. The film explores the importance of ‘consent’ and ‘free will’, which are often used in the context of BDSM, and applies them in the context of electoral democracy and public political processes.

Comunicado Yeguada Latinoamericana

Germany 2019, 21’
A disturbing, metaphysical-political postporn inspired by real events.

The MultiVerse in a MouthFuck

Niemcy 2019, 21’
Niepokojący, metafizyczno-polityczny postporn inspirowany prawdziwymi zdarzeniami.

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