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The Twilight of the Anthropocene

The approaching climate catastrophe, deforestation, and pandemics – result from (and threatens) the activities of the human species. What would the end of the Anthropocene look like, filtered through the prism of postporn art? We offer an interesting look at the sexuality of the era of catastrophe: from the disturbing film Blastogenesis X by Conrad Veit, shown at Berlinale 2021 to the artistic and convincing vision of humanity as a swarm of insects (Mosquerío by Fernanda Gallardo & Maria Catalina). Let’s look at how we can perform sexuality just before the end of the world and think about what it’ll be like when we are gone or re-emerge as a completely new species.

Wet Streaming III - fuck my ficus

Aaron Scherer & Eva Sommer & Daniela Zahlner
Austria 2021, 5’
During dynamic climate change, a tornado over Vienna, a Peruvian rainforest and Victoria Falls can all provide stimulating visual post-pornographic material.
In a critical and humorous way, the film addresses ecosexuality, the fetish of nature and activism, and is inspired by the “Ecosex Manifesto” by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens.

Liquid Love

Massimo Clemente
Italy 2021, 7’
The flooding and rain inspire the film’s protagonist to literally examine the fluidity of their sexual relationship.

Hold Me Tight

Leoluna Robert-Tourneur
Belgium / France 2021, 6’
Two creatures meet during a hunt in the heart of a dark forest. They attract and repel one another – perhaps this is what sexuality will look like once we all go back to the forest.

Fragmented Delicacies

Elio J Carranza
Germany 2021, 9’
A queer-feminist, experimental postporn that aims to challenge the boundaries of post-pornographic representation and formulate a visual language able to describe the new sensuality.

Remembering the Nights in Safe Haven

Iztok Klancar
Netherlands / Slovenia 2020, 17’
The film examines the impact on social ties and countercultural communities of the absence of nightlife and parties (pandemic). One of the festival’s visual gems.

Pandemic Exercises

Aga Szreder & Rafal Żwirek
Poland 2020, 8’
A counter-fiction of the late-stage Anthropocene, post-pandemic world of sexual practices. If nature is more romantic than culture, then evacuation strategies cease to be of any significance.


Fernanda Gallardo Villarroel & María Catalina Jorquera
Chile 2020, 10’
Humanity depicted as a swarm of insects in a collective search for light and freedom. A sensual, social-chorographical story about cultural change.

Blastogenese X

Conrad Veit & Charlotte Maria Kätzl
Germany 2020, 27’
Shot on film and presented at the 2021 Berlinale, this experimental film deconstructs the rigid boundaries between humans and animals, masculinity and femininity.

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