Jezyki PL

09/06 Thursday 17:00, sala Gerard
12/06 Sunday 15:00, sala Zbyszek

Tie me up

Bondage occupies a very specific place in sexual pop culture and has largely become the domain of the middle class: removed from its original context, normalized, and tamed, it does not in any way expand sexual discourse. Tie me up and untie me section of the festival presents bondage in a slightly different context: as art present in the public space, foreplay, or a tense, poetic story about the limits of gender. Of course, we are not able to exhaust all the possibilities of interpretation in one festival section. After all, bondage is already permanently embedded in Western culture – perhaps, however, this is why it provides new and more alternative methods of narration and invites artists to use it to communicate new, interesting content.

Tight Binding (wywiad z Guido Ignatti)

Virar Films
Argentina 2019, 4’
A film examining the theme of shibari in a very unusual, poetic way.


Mischa Badasyan
Germany 2017, 7’
This sensual work of the Armenian artist Mischa Badasyan is a successful addition to the “urban fetish” genre.


Dwam Ipomée
France 2019, 15’
An independent film project from France, led by queer performer and artist Ursinae, aimed at exploring visual poetry and pornography.

(IN) securely attached / (UN) sicher gebunden

Marielle Gerke
Germany 2021/22, 15’
An attempt to work through trauma and domestic violence. Can bondage substitute therapy?

Walking A Fine Line

abcde Flash
Switzerland 2019, 4’
Project by the Swiss conceptual artist abcde Flash dealing with questioning her own mental and physical boundaries and impasses.

Blue Shower

Brazil 2020, 7’
One of the projects of the Brazilian
EDIYporn collective, who has consistently redefined the visual language of sexuality by broadening the fields of representation and narration.

Little Mary

Jo Pollux
Germany 2020, 10’
A fantasy about gender fluidity and agency shown through the eyes of a human puppet.

Macho Carne

George Pedrosa
Brazil 2021, 15’
A hypnotic and subtle project deconstructing the ideas of queer masculinity and the aesthetization of violence.

Tight Binding

Virar Films
Argentina 2019, 7’

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