Jezyki PL

08/06 Wednesday 12:30, sala Zbyszek
09/06 Thursday 22:00, sala Gustaw
11/06 Saturday 17:30, sala Zbyszek

Unbearable Lightness of the Body

Without imagination, we won’t be able to reclaim the wide spectrum of bodily visibility – i.e., in dance, movement, moving beyond cultural normativity or simple play. In this section, we can see and imagine both the “other” female bodies whom Emilie Jouvet, a French feminist artist, have been showing for years, and imaginary, surreal bodies in the work of the Brazilian artist, Marcelo DaVill. We will also look at the “choreographic turn” in contemporary art, in a work about dance, sex, and pleasure presented by Michael Portnoy and produced by Steirischer Herbst. After all, pleasure is super important: we all have the right to pleasure, and we all have the right to enjoy our bodies, even if some still cannot imagine this to be true.

Naff / Sinisa

England, 2022, 2’
What does life under a rock look like?

Digital Skin / Pele Digital

Marcelo Denny & Marcelo D’avilla
Brazil 2019, 4’
What penetrates your skin? Conceptual video-art exploring the themes of trauma and desire.

Progressive Touch

Michael Portnoy
Austria 2020, 12’
Three different accounts of dance and sex in a film by the “master of performance” produced for the Austrian art event, Steirischer Herbst

My Body, My Rules

Emilie Jouvet
France 2017, 71’
Emilie Jouvet is one of the most progressive feminist visual artists. In “My Body, My Rules,” she gives her voice and reclaims the visibility of bodies whose sexuality is unusual, secret, and violates cultural norms. Jouvet toys with age, race, body shape and beauty canons, to create an intimate portrait gallery. The film fits into the strategies of visual resistance of alternative aesthetics.

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