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Urban Jungle

Urban environments are often inhabited by species we know very little about. At night, their representatives occasionally sneak from one fetish party to another, loiter beneath bridges or camouflage themselves, by pretending to appear familiar. At the same time, most of them are socially sensitive, worry about gentrification or changing city landscape. But in the urban jungle, we can also encounter lonely elephants, kittens playing in derelict cars or leopards fighting the patriarchy. This section familiarizes us with the work of niche postporn artists, such as Pina Brutal or Diego Tigrotto. If you like to dress up, pet-play, or just want to have some fun and have a laugh – this is the section for you.

Things Among Days / Antes de las cosas

Daniel Mateo Vallejo
Colombia 2021, 15’
The city, exhaustion, oppression, and sex in a city full of chickens. Produced by the Cinespécimen collective.

Zombie queer punk urban post porn horror show

Germany 2017, 5’
As gentrification rages through the city, zombies appear in the streets. A sexualized landscape of capitalist apocalypse

Ogre Hole

Echo Chambers
USA 2021, 5’
Ogre Hole is a sticky, shiny, grotesque,shambolic, slimy, disgustingly sweet, and absolutely budget-free short film. A camp, chaotic, and cathartic moment of transsexual euphoria.

Elephant the Allison

So Yarli / Yin Lo
Hong Kong / United Kingdom 2018, 12’
There are elephants who are really obsessed with holes. Absurd, and yet heartfelt cinema from Hong Kong.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof / La gata sobre el tejado caliente

Dalia & Vesania
Chile 2021, 15’
Unconstrained as a cat’s play can frighten more than one dog wandering around the neighbourhood.

NatiAnal Pornographic

Diego Tigrotto
Italy 2021, 6’
An environmental study analysing the life and customs of a chosen representative of the Homo sapiens species in the 21st century.

The Secret Love Life of Urban Leopard

Pina Brutal
Germany 2019, 36’
This mockumentary-style film is a story
about the underground life of Berlin and presents the lifestyle, sexual customs, and hunting grounds of urban leopards. It’s a touching story about a dying species.

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